Since MIARI has signed on with Knockout Incorporated, I have come to believe that she is one of the most talented recording artists that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. MIARI is not only a super singer/songwriter (she co-wrote nine of the songs on her CD that is presently being released), but she has a personality that makes people from all over the world love her, as she speaks five different languages and is able to interact with her audiences from many different countries. She also sings in other languages as well.

When MIARI performs, she demands your attention with her high-energy, strong soulful vocal ability, along with a sexy and sultry stage presence that captivates her audience. MIARI is one of the most diverse vocalists in the world today and is able to sing pop, R & B, jazz and anything else in the same smooth and sophisticated manner. We believe here at Knockout Incorporated that there is no limit to MIARI's talent and that she is definitely headed to the top of the charts with her new CD release entitled MIARI .

Bill Nelson

President/CEO Knockout Incorporated

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